Clubs and Activities

The school main number is (757) 283-7820. Please dial the extension number when prompted.

Club Sponsor Extention
Anime/Free Draw Club Ms. Prater
Ms. Pace
Ext. 63183
Ext. 63545
Board Games Club Ms. Serge
Ms. Benjamin-Phillips
Ext. 63533
Book Club (Manga Madness Book Club) Ms. Koeniger
Ms. Buck
Ms. Padalino
Ext. 63601
Ext. 63118
Ext. 63556
Broadcast Club Mr. Salyers Ext. 63164
Chess Club Mr. Lister Ext. 63159
Criminal Justice Club Officer Wilson Ext. 63558
Dance Team/STEP Club (MS) Ms. Fortin
Ms. Abron-Empy
Ext. 63150
Ext. 63119
Drama Club Ms. Weidlich Ext. 63185
Envirothon - Wildlife Club Ms. Deruysscher Ext. 63163
Math Club Ms. Wright
Ms. Kelley
Ext. 63184
Ext. 63154
Men of Distinction Club Mr. McKeithan Ext. 63186
Music Club Mr. Summit Ext. 63194
Newspaper Club Ms. Linde Ext. 63155
Science Club Ms. Fraizer
Ms. Potts
Ext. 63156
Ext. 63161
SHERO Club (HS) Ms. Allen
Ms. Powell
Ext. 63537
Ext. 63149
STEM Club (MS) Ms. Lawrence
Ms. El
Ext. 63176
Ext. 63181
Survival/Adventure Club Ms. Miles
Mr. Linyear
Ext. 63160
Ext. 63197
Volleyball Club Coach Conrad
Coach Overbey
Ext. 63660
Ext. 63660
YADAPP Club Ms. Johns
Ms. Decker
Ext. 63187
Ext. 63117
Yearbook Club Ms. Mooney
Mr. Emblidge
Ext. 63116
Ext. 63289
Youth Volunteer Corps. Club Ms. Francis
Ms. Thurmond
Ext. 63115
Ext. 63120