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Club or Organization Description
Archery Students who were in the Archery Club last year. This will increase the art of archery and be more competitive in Tournaments settings.
Babysitting Club Students will learn first aide and skills to be a more productive babysitter. This club will provide support, fun activities and ideas to making babysitting FUN!
Book Club Anyone who loves a good story will love this club. Book club not only reads, but we discuss what we have read, and integrates the story into technology. We will blog, create photo stories, and reenact scenes from the book while being filmed.
Cheerleading Club Cheerleading Club will be an active force in supporting all Middle School athletics activities.
Chess Club A chess club is a club formed for the purpose of playing the board game of chess. Chess clubs provide for both informal games and timed games, often as part of an internal competition or in a league.
Chrome Cooperating Hampton Roads Organizations for Minorities in Engineering. Chrome consist of fun hands-on activities that interest students in Math tics and Engineering.
Class of 2013 This group will coordinate fundraising activities for the for class Prom.
Class of 2014 This group will coordinate fundraising activities for the class Ring Dance and Prom.
Class of 2015 This group will coordinate fundraising activities for the class Ring Dance and Prom.
Class of 2016 This group will coordinate fundraising activities for the class Ring Dance and Prom, and promote unity of the Freshmen Class.
Dance Team Promote and uphold school spirit and represent An Achievable Dream.
Glee Clubs A Musical Club that strives for musical excellence and performs for the public.
Interact Interact is a Rotary-Sponsored service club for young people. The program gives young people an opportunity to participate in fun, meaningful service projects while developing leadership skills and meeting new friends. Our mission is that each Interactor learns the importance of developing leadership skills and personal integrity, demonstrating helpfulness and respect for others and advancing international understanding and goodwill through service activities. Each Interact club must perform at least two service projects a year — one that benefits the school or community and one that furthers international understanding.
Jazz Combo Club The Jazz Club is a venue where the primary entertainment is the performance of a live Jazz Music.
MALIK 212 Who: 10th and 11th Grade (10-15 males) Provide leadership and positive peer interaction with our young men. The tentative name for this group is M.A.L.I.K. in remembrance of Malik Peoples. Focus: To mentor and challenge our young men to attain the values associated with being responsible citizens and provide an outlet to voice concerns that they may have personally, in their homes or communities. Outside resources may be used to include quarterly weekend field trips. Goal: To instill self pride, civility along with the knowledge and understanding of how they can make a difference. Key element: Service based organization Colors: Blue and Gold (Leadership)
Math Club The math club will help struggling students and enrich concepts through hands on and real life examples.
National Honor Society The Honor Society chapter establishes rules for membership that are based upon a student's outstanding performance in the areas of: Scholarship, Service, Leadership, and Character (plus citizenship for NJHS). These criteria for selection form the foundation upon which the organization and its activities are built.
Newspaper Club Students learn about writing and deadlines as they create the school newspapers. They also report on current events and news throughout the school.
Plant and Seed Plant and Seed is designed to educate, motivate as well as encourage our students to work together. Students will learn the benefits of building and creating beauty within a garden as well as exercising. As we plant seeds into the students they will learn to dig a little deeper to work harder.
Rugby Rugby is a type of football game that is derived from soccer or association football, is the forerunner of American football. Kicking and dribbling with the foot are a part of Rugby,  however, continuous passing of the ball is its most characteristic feature. The game enjoys its greatest popularity in Great Britain, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, and France. A team consist of 15 players.
School Student Council. Middle & High School Plan activities for the Homecoming celebration; develop fundraising ideas to support ring dance and prom activities for the upcoming years; create a class t-shirt for each graduating class;  and examine volunteer opportunities throughout the community. The SCA works to help the community through activities such as United Way, Salvation Army, local Food Bank, Field Day, MS Dances and Activities for MS.
Step Team Learn how to hit the ground loudly with new beats and coordinate movements of a Step Team.
Stock Market Club Students will learn the practice of buying and selling in the stock market. They will participate in a Regional Stock Market Challenge in December.
Sudoku Club Students who enjoy brain-bending activities of numbers and logic Sudoku is puzzling and challenging to master.
TV Studio Club The Broadcast Club is a group dedicated to the idea of broadcasting in a professional environment. We will focus on preproduction, broadcasting, video editing and post production work. Participants will be expected to work in all phases of the production including on air, producing, directing, audio and camera work. We will also be expected to set up and take down the studio as well as clean up. Students who participate in the club will be eligible to apply to work at Channel 47 during their Junior and Senior years of high school. State of the art equipment will be used and participants are expected to adequate computer schools.
World Language Club A club that provides an opportunity for students to explore and experience the Francophone and Hispanic Culture and an opportunity to receive help with French and Spanish homework.
Yearbook/Art Yearbook is invitation only. The group will take pictures and write stories for yearbook.
Zumba Be Fit Zumba combines Latin and International music with a fun and effective workout.



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